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Rooibos For Kids: Introducing Our New Range of Flavoured Rooibos

We are excited to announce the launch of our new range of flavoured Rooibos blends for kids. We understand that kids can be fussy eaters, and getting them to drink tea can be a challenge. That's why we've used market research to create delicious flavours that kids will love.

Rooibos is a popular herbal infusion from South Africa, known for its many health benefits. It is naturally caffeine-free, making it an excellent alternative to traditional teas that can cause jitters and sleeplessness in kids. Rooibos is also rich in antioxidants, which can help to boost the immune system and protect the body from disease.

Our market research provided us with the following principles which we used to develop our kids' flavours:

  • Children under 7 prefer natural, simple, and easy-to-understand flavours

  • Children between 8 and 12 prefer more exciting tastes and combinations

  • While children look for fun flavours and colours, parents want healthy choices.

  • Fruit-based flavours are often associated with health benefits.

  • Characters are an effective way to capture the attention of the child and add to the child's multisensory experience of the product.

Our new range features five unique and delicious flavours named after characters:

  • Spike's Cocopine

  • Bec's Tutti Frutti

  • Jem's Raspberry Crumble

  • Jet's Fruit Pop

  • Siv's Caramel Cake

Spike's Cocopine

Age Group: 5-12

Flavour Profile: Rooibos base with Pineapple and Coconut. Reminiscent of Pinenut/Cocopine soda beverages. Rooibos is naturally sweet, and sugar is not necessary.

Spike is a ball of energy that lives for adventure! When he's not swinging from trees, climbing up mountains, or diving in tropical oceans; he's watching the sunset from an exotic beach, sipping on his Cocopine Rooibos tea.

Bec's Tutti Frutti

Age Group: 5-12

Flavour Profile: Rooibos base with a burst of fruity flavours! Excellent hot or cold, no sugar necessary. Best enjoyed without milk.

Bec loves the thrill, playing outside with her friends, skate-boarding, and running. After a long day of being outside in the sun, she loves relaxing with a cup of tutti frutti Rooibos.

Jem's Raspberry Crumble

Age Group: 8-12

Flavour Profile: Rooibos base with a delicious, fruity and crisp Raspberry Crumble flavour! A comforting blend, great with our without milk. Sweetener can be added for an extra treat.

Jem is a gentle and shy being who loves reading books and playing board games with her friends. Every night before bed, she cuddles up with a warm cup of Raspberry Crumble Rooibos.

Jet's Fruit Pop

Age Group: 5-12

Flavour Profile: Rooibos base with a burst of fruity, candy-like flavour. Reminiscent of a fruity lollypop. Wonderful hot or cold, best without milk.

Jet is always in a hurry and loves doing many things at the same time, whether on the sports field or in drama class. And she has a big sweet tooth! That's why she loves her Fruit Pop Rooibos blend.

Siv's Caramel Cake

Age Group: 7-12

Flavour Profile: Rooibos base with a smooth caramel cake flavour. Best served warm with or without milk.

Siv enjoys the finer things in life. Over weekends he spends his time in the kitchen, baking interesting new creations. But during the week he loves drinking his Caramel Cake Rooibos tea!

Contact us today for a sample!

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