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Rooibos Product Display at Cape Natural Tea Products Supplier of Bulk and Packed Rooibos Tea Organic and Conventional


A versatile tisane exclusive to South Africa's Western Cape

We are a leading bulk Rooibos supplier. Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis), meaning "red bush", is grown and harvested for its leaves, which make a herbal tea. Having grown in international popularity since the 2000s, it is now famous for its health benefits and versatile applications in cosmetics and other products. 

Rooibos Tea Fine Export Grade Cape Natural Tea Products Supplier of Bulk and Packed Herbal Teas

How we meet your needs

We have the facilities and capacity to process Rooibos according to your specifications

Our facility refines and pasteurizes Rooibos in a variety of cuts and grades, to meet your specific usage and packaging needs.


Our product innovation department continuously engages with our clients to improve existing offerings to consumers and develop new products and flavors. We also produce extracts for use in iced teas and other products. 

Woman doing yoga on the beach, Health benefits of Rooibos tea

Health Benefits

Low in Tannins



High in antioxidants

Herbal Tea Infusion Rooibos Tea Cape Natural Tea Products Rooibos Tea Supplier Cape Town

Rooibos Products

Bulk loose tea ready for packing

Packed teas ready for retail

Water-soluble extracts


Rooibos Espresso

Flavoured products

How it's made

At Cape Natural Tea Products, we are highly involved in the production of Rooibos Tea, partnering with over 200 suppliers across the Western Cape. 

For more information on how Rooibos is made, from farm to cup, and the history of this amazing product, visit our Rooibos Origins page.

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