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Partnership and Community

Strong partnerships with all our stakeholders ensure

stability and trust across our supply chain.  This enables us to be a leading bulk Rooibos supplier.

Our Clients Cape Natural Tea Products International and Local Markets Bulk Supplier

Our Clients 

We have strong relationships with clients across the globe. Well-versed in the market needs of different countries, we excel at providing the right product, at the right time, for the right price.

Our Farmers Cape Natural Tea Products Bulk and Packed Herbal Teas Rooibos Rosehips Honeybush

Our Farmers 

The trust of our farmers is instrumental to our operations. We maintain close relationships with each of our farmers and provide on-farm extension services.

Our Team

A family of experts, each committed to continuous improvement in their departments, works around the clock to meet our clients' expectations. 


Our Community and Social Responsibility

We build strong connections with all members of our community, through various training and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. 


Social Responsibility

Through various initiatives, we support development in our local communities. Over the years, we have run sanitary drives, donated to nursing homes and clinics, and sponsored prizes at schools and sport events.  

Staff Events and Training

We invest in the careers of all our staff members by making available opportunities for upskilling, further education and training. Regular staff events contribute to a fulfilling and wholesome team spirit.

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