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Fynbos Cape Natural Tea Products


Working with indigenous produce, we understand the importance of respecting and protecting the environments in which our plantations grow.

An Indigenous Product 

Our flagstone product, Rooibos, is made from the leaves of aspalathus lineaeris, which is part of the fynbos family. Fynbos plants grow almost exclusively in the Western Cape region of South Africa, known for its incredible biodiversity. 

Rooibos plants Cape Natural Tea Products Bulkd Supplier of High Quality Rooibos tea

Sustainable Farming

 We encourage sustainable and regenerative farming practices, making sure that we farm alongside the wilderness, protecting the biodiversity of our environment. We support our farmers to become Rainforest Alliance certified and make resources available to assist in their compliance.

Water-Saving Initiatives

Cape Town is a water-scarce area and as such we are always looking for new ways in which to save water. Since installing water tanks to harvest rainwater from the roof of our factory, we have been able to reduce our consumption of municipal water by one million liters per annum. 

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