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Rooibos: A Top Choice for South African Men - Embrace the Benefits with Cape Natural Tea Products

As we celebrate Men’s Health Month, a national survey reveals that Rooibos tea is increasingly becoming the go-to beverage for South African men.

Conducted among more than 700 respondents, the survey provides valuable insights into men’s beverage preferences, highlighting Rooibos as a versatile and healthy choice that seamlessly fits into their daily routines.


Rooibos: The Morning Kickstart

While 46% of men prefer starting their day with a cup of coffee, a significant 30% opt for Rooibos as their sunrise sip. Dr. Gerald Maarman, a renowned biomedical scientist and Rooibos researcher, commends this choice, emphasizing Rooibos’ natural sweet taste, rich antioxidant profile, and caffeine-free nature, making it an excellent morning beverage.


Stress Management and Relaxation

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, managing stress is crucial. The survey found that many South African men turn to specific beverages to help them relax. Rooibos emerged as a top choice, with 11% of men drinking it to combat stress and 32% choosing it to unwind after a long day. This preference underscores Rooibos’ soothing properties and its ability to support relaxation and well-being.


Rooibos and Physical Activity

Rooibos is not just a drink for relaxation; it also supports physical activity. The survey highlights that during workouts, while 67% of men prioritize water, Rooibos is the second most favored drink. Its hydrating properties and health benefits make it a perfect companion for active lifestyles.


Social Settings and Beverage Preferences

In social settings, Rooibos ties with beer as the preferred drink among men, each at 47%. This popularity indicates that Rooibos is not only a healthy choice but also a socially accepted and enjoyed beverage. Whether in solitary moments or social gatherings, Rooibos proves to be a versatile option.


Health Benefits of Rooibos

Health and well-being are pivotal for more than 60% of men, who recognize the benefits of drinking tea or tisanes. Rooibos’ unique combination of antioxidants helps fight inflammation, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other metabolic conditions. Dr. Maarman highlights Rooibos’ role in improving blood pressure, cholesterol levels, muscle recovery, sleep quality, and even sperm concentration and function.


Generational and Professional Preferences

The survey reveals generational differences in Rooibos consumption, with the Silent Generation (aged 79-96) being the most frequent drinkers, followed by Millennials and Baby Boomers. Professionally, men in construction, engineering, IT, telecoms, hospitality, entrepreneurship, and skilled trades prefer Rooibos over other hot beverages.


Embrace Rooibos with Cape Natural Tea Products

At Cape Natural Tea Products, we are proud to offer high-quality Rooibos tea that caters to the diverse preferences and needs of South African men. Whether you seek a morning boost, a stress-reliever, or a workout companion, our Rooibos products are crafted to deliver the best health benefits and taste.


Join the growing number of men who are embracing Rooibos as their beverage of choice. Explore our range of Rooibos products and discover how Cape Natural Tea Products can support your health and well-being.

SOURCE: SA Rooibos Council.


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