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Sipping sustainably: eco-friendly Rooibos tips

Autumn reminds us of the cyclic nature of life. The falling leaves and cooler temperatures prompt us to consider our own roles within the broader ecosystem.

Just as trees shed their leaves to conserve energy and prepare for renewal in spring, autumn encourages us to shed excess, both materially and spiritually, and to re-evaluate our consumption patterns.

The season also draws to a close the harvest and brings with it a sense of abundance, as many crops, including Rooibos reaches its peak before the onset of winter.

This abundance serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of all living beings and the importance of stewarding the earth’s resources responsibly.

Focusing on living more sustainably during this season means recognising the gifts of the earth and embracing practices that ensure future generations can also enjoy its bounty. Here are some eco-friendly tips for enjoying Rooibos more sustainably this autumn:

  1. Choose organic and Fairtrade products: Opt for Rooibos and other tisanes that carry organic or other sustainable certifications such as Rainforest Alliance. This ensures consumers that products are produced with care for the environment and people.

  2. Buy loose leaf Rooibos in bulk: Purchase loose leaf Rooibos or other tisanes in larger quantities to minimise packaging waste. Many tea shops offer options for refilling your own containers, reducing the need for single-use packaging.

  3. Use reusable tea accessories: Invest in reusable tea accessories, such as stainless steel tea infusers, strainers and filters instead of disposable tea bags or filters.

  4. Compost tea leaves: After steeping your Rooibos, compost the used leaves instead of throwing them away. Rooibos leaves and stems are rich in nutrients and can be added to compost bins or used directly as fertiliser for plants.

  5. Water conservation: Boil only the amount of water you need to conserve energy and reduce water wastage.

  6. Reduce energy consumption: When brewing Rooibos, use energy-efficient appliances, such as electric kettles with adjustable temperature settings or stove-top kettles to minimise energy consumption.

  7. Reuse packaging: Recycle Rooibos packaging and repurpose or upcycle containers, such as tins or jars for storing other items like spices, herbs or homemade tea blends.

  8. Select zero-waste brands: Look for brands that prioritise sustainability and offer zero-waste packaging options, such as compostable Rooibos tea bags or refillable tea tins.

  9. DIY flavoured tisanes: Instead of purchasing pre-flavoured Rooibos or tisanes that often come in individual packaging, experiment with making your own flavoured blend using natural ingredients like dried fruits, herbs and spices, and then share your favourite recipes with family and friends.

  10. Enjoy Rooibos outdoors: Take advantage of the autumn weather by enjoying your cuppa outdoors in reusable travel mugs or flasks, reducing the need for disposable cups or single-use packaging.

By incorporating these tips into your Rooibos-drinking routine, you can enjoy your favourite Rooibos autumn blend, while minimising the environmental impact and supporting sustainable practices.


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