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Rooibos Origins

Deon Zandberg has Rooibos in his veins. Having grown up on a Rooibos farm, he is one of the most experienced Rooibos experts in the country.


At the helm of our agri division, he ensures all our producers have the support they need to produce high-quality Rooibos.

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The magical origins of Rooibos

Rooibos is a herbal tisane made from the aspalathus linearis plant, which is indigenous to South Africa and only grows in the Cederberg region of the Western Cape. 

Watch our short film below on the unique and magical origins of this remarkable herb!

Rooibos is classified as a

Protected Designation of Origin in the EU

As of 2021, the name "Rooibos" may only be used to sell and market Rooibos produced and processed within South Africa's winter rainfall areas. 

This will contribute to the sustainability of the industry, while also emphasizing the uniqueness of the product grounded in the origins of Rooibos.

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A network of farms across the Western Cape

Cape Natural Tea Products sources the highest quality Rooibos from over 150 farmers across the Western Cape.


Our agri division works round the clock to ensure that the right amount of quality Rooibos arrives at the processing courts for primary processing at the right time.

How Rooibos is made

Rooibos seed gathering Cape Natural Tea Products

From seed to farmlands

Windfallen seeds are carefully gathered from the farmlands, prepared for germination, and planted in nurseries. At the right age, they are carefully planted onto the farmlands.

Rooibos farming Cape Natural Tea Products

From growth to harvest

Various steps are taken to ensure the plants grow well for optimal harvest. Nine months after an initial top-harvest, the Rooibos is hand-cut with sickles, bound, and immediately transported to the processing courts. 

Tea Court Rooibos Primary Processing and Fermentation Cape Natural Tea Products

Primary processing

At the processing courts, the wet Rooibos is cut and undergoes a fermentation process under the baking African sun. When full aroma and sweetness develops, the tea is dried and transported to our Cape Town facility for final refining. 

The History of Rooibos

High-quality Rooibos farming

Explore how Tierberg farm, one of our main suppliers, grows high-quality Rooibos, alongside indigenous fynbos. 

High Quality Rooibos Tea Farming at Cape Natural Tea Products bulk supplier of Rooibos tea South Africa

Artisan Organic Rooibos farming

600m above sea level, on a mountain called Gifberg, Dave Schlebusch farms organic Rooibos with a unique processing method. 


"I do it in my own way," says Schlebusch, "in a way that works together with nature."


The History of Rooibos

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