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Product Display, Cape Natural Tea Products supplier of bulk and packed herbal teas including Rooibos, Rosehip, Honeybush, and African botanicals

Bulk Herbs and Botanicals

High-quality herbal infusions prepared and delivered according to client specifications. We source, process, and export bulk Rooibos tea, Rosehips, Honeybush, and other African botanicals. 

Rooibos in sensory lab at Cape Natural Tea Products


We are a leading bulk Rooibos supplier. Our flagship product, Rooibos is internationally known for its range of health benefits and versatility.

Rosehips in sensory lab Cape Natural Tea Products


Rich in nutrients, rosehips are popular for their use in herbal infusions, as well as health and beauty applications. Sourced from Lesotho.


A distant relative to the Rooibos plant, Honeybush is known for its natural floral aroma and health benefits. 

Honeybush in sensory lab Cape Natural Tea Products

African Botanicals

We have the capacity and network to source, refine, and package a range of other African botanicals. 

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