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Rooibos as a premium tea: what you need to know

Premiumization is on the rise around the globe and consumers are becoming more conscious of what they drink. Rooibos has already been established worldwide as a premium product in specialty tea shops and we expect this category to grow exponentially.

Around the world, Rooibos has garnered appeal as an indigenous African herb with a range of health benefits and functions. In specialty tea shops, Premium Rooibos is often marketed for its unique origin and flavor. It is also popular in gourmet tea blends.

We offer fully certified Organic and Rainforest Alliance tea, proving our commitment to sustainability. Trends in the global herbal tea industry show that consumers are increasingly conscious of where their tea comes from. Each batch of our tea is fully traceable, ensuring accountability across the supply chain.

Sourcing premium Rooibos tea is often a challenge for small-scale brands and tea shops. That's where we can help. Our logistics and sales team can help connect you with suppliers in your area.

Our product development team is fully equipped to develop new products in collaboration with you. In addition, we have a range of marketing material that can help you introduce Rooibos to your customers.

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