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Getting things done: meet our production management team

Our production management team: from left to right are Thembinkosi Ndincede, Sandra van Rooi, and Willem Wium.

Our FSSC-22000 processing facility in Cape Town is led by Production Manager Willem Wium, Production Coordinator Thembinkosi Ndincede, and Production Administrator Sandra van Rooi.

From their office overlooking the facility, they ensure that all systems operate smoothly. Our processing facility receives raw material from our agri depots and refines it into the final product: sieving, pasteurizing, and blending.

The team works hand-in-hand with other departments to ensure top quality and efficiency are achieved.

Willem Wium uses his training and experience as an industrial engineer to strategize and plan for future growth and improvements.

Our rosehips processing line

But he spends an equal amount of time on the floor. "I'm a firefighter," says Willem, referring to the daily challenges of his fast-paced job.

He strives to create a constructive work environment where all the production staff can feel at home. Continuous engagement with staff ensures a transparent relationship, he says, where all can take ownership of what we produce.

Thembinkosi Ndincede agrees. He started with us in 1998 as a general worker and has worked his way up to production coordinator. "The company looks after its employees. It walks a journey with those who work here," he says.

Thembinkosi Ndincede more than 15 years ago at our previous processing facility.

23 years' experience has left Thembinkosi with in-depth knowledge of our processing activities, from maintenance and hygiene to quality and team management. He is Willem's right-hand man, ensuring the plans are executed efficiently.

Production administrator Sandra van Rooi says teamwork is what she enjoys most about working at Cape Natural Tea Products. Her job requires constant communication with various departments, including external suppliers.

"You like working here because you work with me," Thembinkosi quips.

We asked each of the team members to describe themselves in four words:

Sandra: "Communicative, energetic, love challenges"

Thembinkosi: "I get things done"

Willem: "Resolution instead of problems."

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