We supply an extensive range of African herbs in various grades, conventional or organic. Our bulk teas are supplied in 18kg & 20kg standard brown paper sacks and in 500Kg bulk bins, depending on the requirement.



ROOIBOS TEA | Aspalathus linearis

Rooibos is grown only in a small area in the region of the Western Cape. The leaves are cut dried and fermented. This process produces the distinctive reddish-brown colour of Rooibos and enhances the flavour. Rooibos tea is supplied in various cuts and grades to meet your requirement.


Part Grade
Folio Super export
Folio Super export organic
Folio Super long cut
Folio Super long cut organic
Folio Super Fine Cut
Folio Super Fine Cut organic
Folio Super
Folio Standard Grade
Folio Dust
Folio FLO Super Export Org
Folio FLO Super Fine Org



100% pure rooibos robusto ™ granules that are made with rooibos and water using our patented process. There are two main ways in which the granules may be used, depending on your product offerings . Either in pure form delivering a very strong, quick-brewing cup of rooibos OR blended into rooibos leaf such as super grade to reduce raw material cost


Part Grade
Folio Granules


HONEYBUSH TEA | Cyclopia spp

It grows only in small areas in the southwest and southeast of South Africa . Honeybush tea has very distinct floral honey taste and aroma. It can be used on its own or blended with other herbal teas . There are a number a species of Honeybush tea found. The most popular species are Cyclopia intermedia, known as 'bergtee' (mountain tea), Cyclopia subternata, known as 'vleitee' and Cyclopia genistoides, known as 'kustee'.


Part Grade
Flores & folio Super TBC
Flores & folio Super TBC organic
Flores & folio Super loose leaf
Flores & folio Super loose leaf organic


ROSEHIP TEA | Rosa spp

The rose hip, is the fruit of the rose plant, that typically is red-to-orange, but ranges from dark purple to black in some species. Rose hips begin to form in spring, and ripen in late summer through autumn. Rose hips are commonly used as a herbal tea, often blended with hibiscus. It is supplied as Whole, shells and TBC.


Part Grade
Flores & folio TBC
Flores & folio shells
Flores & folio TBC organic
Flores & folio Shells organic


DEVIL’S CLAW | Harpagophytum procumbens

Other Names: Grapple Plant, Wood Spider.

Devil's claw is a plant native to southern Africa. Its name comes from the small hooks on the fruit. The active ingredients in devil's claw are harpagosides, which are found in the secondary root. However, the primary use of devil's claw inflammation and pain. It is supplied in cut and dried form.


Part Grade
Radix Dried slices
Radix Powder


LEMONGRASS | Cymbopogon citrates

It is widely used as a herb in cuisine and herbal teas. It has a citrus lemon flavour and can be dried and powdered. It is supplied in TBC from and 8 -9 cm cut


Part Grade
Folio Whole leaves
Folio 10mm cut
Folio TBC


BUCHU | Agathosma betulina

Buchu is a flowering plant which is native to mountains of western South Africa, where it occurs near streams in Fynbos habitats. The dried leaves have a very pungent flavour and aroma. It is supplied in whole leaf and TBC form. The essential oils and extracts of the leaves are used as flavoring for tea. The extract is said to taste like blackcurrent. It has historically been used as a medicine for and wounds, and urinary infections.


Part Grade
Folio Dried leaf


HOODIA | Hoodia gordonii

Hoodia gordonii is a leafless spiny succulent plant with medicinal uses. It grows naturally in South Africa and Namibia. The flowers have an unpleasant smell, and the dried plant has a very bitter unpleasant taste. Hooida is often used as an appetite suppressant. It is supplied in a powder and TBC form.


Part Grade
Flores Whole dried calices

INTABA Teas of Africa

Our branded tea, Intaba Tea of Africa is a pure and natural range of Rooibos tea that is blended with other African herbal teas. Intaba teas are naturally caffeine free and rich in antioxidants. The blends complement each other giving you a suburb tasting cup of tea. Intaba teas is processed in accordance with international standards; steam-pasteurised and packed and sealed in foil pouches for guaranteed freshness and purity.

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