Blackheath - Cape Town

Our head office and processing plant is situated, 30 minutes from Cape Town. Here raw material is processed by means of sieving and sorting, pasteurisation , grading, and finally packing. We provide in-house custom blending, and product development facilities to suit specific customer requirements. Strict hygiene standards are maintained throughout processing to ensure a product that conforms to internationally recognised quality standards. Our production capacity is continuously growing to accommodate our increased requirements and throughputs.



Quality Assurance is a vital focus area at Cape Natural Tea Products. By applying Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) and quality systems, we offer our customers improved products and service. We have an in-house laboratory that carries out daily quality checks on unprocessed and final teas.


We currently offer the following certification standards:


Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is an internationally recognized system for reducing the risk of safety hazards in food. A HACCP System requires that potential hazards are identified and controlled at specific points in the process


Our organic certification includes,
EU for Europe,
NOP for USA,
JAS for Japan
KOC for Korea.
Our certified products include Rooibos tea, Rosehip and Honeybush tea.


Cape Natural Tea Products is able to offer a number of its products with Kosher certification. The products are certified Kosher by Cape Beth Din, the Jewish Ecclesiastical Court of South Africa. Kosher certification available on request.


We offer a range of Halaal certified products. Our teas are certified by the South African National Halaal Authority, who promotes professionalism and excellence in the certification of Halaal products.

PPECB (Perishable Products Export Control Board)

All export consignments are checked by the PPECB for analysis to determine whether the product complies with the export standards laid down for the product by South African law. The product is tested for microbiological contamination, foreign matter, residue and several other criteria to ensure that it is fit for human consumption.

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